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About Us

The Lotus Children (TLC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapies, fine arts activities and related resources to underprivileged children with autism throughout the world.  We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality ABA with TLC!


We dutifully collect donations and allocate tools and services to children and families in need of assistance on a year-round basis. From ABA therapy, to iPads and augmentative alternative communication (AAC) devices, to respite care on the weekends, we strive to make sure our  aUsome children and families are taken care of.

Contact Us

You can volunteer your time for an upcoming event, make a donation, join our TLC Fit Club, expand our bonsai garden or sponsor a child today!  Children affected by autism  desperately need your help to improve their quality of life.   Help us to provide our Lotus Children with Tender Loving Care directly from TLC.   We are only a phone call or an e-mail away!

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Meet Our Board

Our dedicated board has decades of experience working with special needs  children and families. Our ability to keep in constant communication with them ensures that we fully understand their day-to-day hardships.  Only in doing so can we support them the way they need it  most.

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